“A beautifully made glass which enhances the tasting experience.” Andy Howard MW

  • Perfectly balanced
  • Light and silky
  • Suits all still wines
  • Craftsman made

“Delightfully fine and light – made even simple wines sing.” Peter Morgan, Winemaker

Each Liscío crystal glass is mouth-blownby skilled artisanal glassmiths. It isthe most elegant complement to finewine and designed to suit all still wines.It has perfect balance at the meeting point of stem and bowl ensuring a comfortable, effortless swirl. Despite its silky lightness the Liscío glass is tough enough for the dishwasher (if handled with care) and will often survive being knocked over even on a hard surface. An indispensable glass for fine wine lovers everywhere.

“Brilliant!” Ken Forrester, Winemaker

Crystal glasses contain less than a third of the metal content of full lead crystal glasses and have a minimal impact on the environment. They have a high refractivity index giving them a brilliant sheen.

As Liscío glasses are handmade variations of a few grams in weight may occur from glass to glass.

For safe cleaning of the glass we recommend the light use of a smooth microfibre cloth for drying or polishing, holding the glass by the bowl rather than the stem.