Liscío Shop

Beautiful wine deserves beautiful clothing.

The appeal of the Liscío glass is in its seductive silkiness and its amazing balance. Liscío glasses are also beautifully packaged and sent by first class mail.

Why not reduce the unit cost of postage by buying multiple glasses?

1 @ £5.95 | 2 @ £7.45 |

3 @ £9.95 | 4+ @ £12.45

If you’re new to Liscío Glassware we highly recommend a visit to a stockist, or one of the restaurants who use it, to experience it yourself!

We have sent hundreds of glasses by post without breakage, but these things happen. In the unlikely event of a breakage during transit please report the breakage to us without unpacking the glass: we don't want you to cut yourself, and we can’t replace or refund unwrapped glasses. We will collect the unopened package within a few days so we can inspect, validate and replace your glass.